Melanaphis donacis (Passerini, 1861)

on Arundo, ? Phragmites

Melanaphis donacis: colony on Arundo donax

Arundo donax, Hungary, Budapest, © László Érsek, effuse colony

Melanaphis donacis on Arundo donax


Melanaphis donacis on Arundo donax


Melanaphis donacis on Arundo donax



Apterae ± 2 mm, dark brown with an extensive and distinctive pattern of white wax.

host plants

Poaceae, ? oligophagous

Arundo donax, plinii.

Mentioned also, albeit less frequently, from Phragmites australis, but that is considered doubtful by Nieto Nafría ao.

distribution within Europe

Southern Europe.


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