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Acyrthosiphon caraganae

Acyrthosiphon caraganae (Cholodkovsky, 1908)

caragana aphid

on woody Fabaceae


Apterae 3-4 mm, green with variably developed greyish wax stripes between segments, and often a bright green spinal stripe; often in large colonies on leaves and young growth, and on the pods.

host plants

Fabaceae, oligophagous

Caragana arborescens; Colutea arborescens, media, orientalis.

Also reported from Anthyllis cytisoides, hermanniae; Astragalus boeticus; Cytisus; Hippocrepis emerus; Indigofera heterantha; Robinia pseudoacacia; Securigera varia.


Metopolophium carganae.


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