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Anuraphis farfarae

Anuraphis farfarae (Koch, 1854)

pear-colt’s foot aphid

on Pyrus, primary host plant


leaves folded downwards along the midrib, mottled with yellow or red; aphids green with a double row of dark green dots. Fundatrices conspicuously large (3-4 mm), brown.

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Pyrus communis & subsp. pyraster.

on Tussilago etc., secondary host plants


Apterae on secondary hosts 2-3 mm, dark greyish green often tinged with red laterally and with a yellowish spinal stripe, and with dark antennae, legs and siphunculi. On the basal and underground parts.

host plants

Asteraceae, oligophagous

Tussilago farfara.

Sometimes Adenostyles alpina; Hieracium umbellatum, Petasites albus, hybridus.


Aphis kochi Schouteden, 1903.


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