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Dysaphis lappae

Dysaphis lappae (Koch, 1854)

burdock mealy root aphid

on Asteraceae

Dysaphis lappae: apterae on Arctium

Arctium spec., UK © Bob Dransfield & Bob Brightwell, InfluentialPoints


Aphids 2-3 mm, on stem bases, root collars and roots.

host plants

Asteraceae, oligophagous

Arctium lappa, minus, tomentosum; Cirsium arvense; Cynara scolymus; Galactites tomentosus; Notobasis syriaca; Petasites albus; Silybum marianum.

Osiadacz & Wojciechowski additionally mention Artemisia vulgaris.


Aphis lappae.


One distinguishes three subspecies. D. lappae lappae lives on Arctium and, presumably only rarely, Petasites. On Cirsium arvense lives D. lappae cirsii (Börner, 1950). In the Mediterranean region D. lappae cynarae (Theobald, 1915) lives on Cynara, Galactites, Notobasis, and Silybum. D. l. lappae is attended by ants, D. l. cirsii apparently not.


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