Plant Parasites of Europe

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Dysaphis pyri

Dysaphis pyri (Boyer de Fonscolombe, 1841)

pear-bedstraw aphid

on Cydonia, Pyrus, primary host plants

Dysapphis pyri: aptera on Pyrus communis

Pyrus communis, UK © Bob Dransfield & Bob Brightwell, InfluentialPoints


leaves are curled and yellowed. Aphids with red body fluids.

host plants

Rosaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Cydonia oblonga; Pyrus communis & subsp. pyraster, nivalis, “pusilla”, spinosa.

on Rubiaceae, secondary host plant


aphids on the roots and prostrate stems.

host plants

Rubiaceae, oligophagous

Galium album, aparine, lucidum subsp. fruticescens, mollugo, pseudoaristatum, verum.

Sometimes also on Asperula cynanchica, Rubia.


Aphis piri Houard, 1908a.


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