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Hyadaphis passerinii

Hyadaphis passerinii (del Guercio, 1911)

honeysuckle aphid

on Lonicera, primary host plant

Hyadaphis passerinii: aphids on Lonicera periclymenum

Lonicera perclymenum, UK © Bob Dransfield & Bob Brightwell, Influential Points (2016)


leaves pale, rolled in upwards.

host plants

Caprifoliaceae, monophagous

Lonicera caprifolium, etrusca, implexa, periclymenum, tatarica.

on Apiaceae, secondary host plants


Apiaceae, oligophagous

Conium maculatum; Daucus; Pastinaca

Daucus is the main summer host; also on still other Apiaceae.


even microscopically, this species is hardly distinguishable from Hyadaphis foeniculi; the identification of living material can only be approximative. Possibly hybridisation takes place between the two species.


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