Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Macrosiphoniella usquertensis

Macrosiphoniella usquertensis Hille Ris Lambers, 1935

on Achillea, etc.


Apterae 2-3 mm, brownish, powdered with greyish wax, with antennae and legs yellow and black, siphunculi and cauda black. At the lower leaves, that eventually turn brown and wither.

host plants

Asteraceae, almost monophagous

Achillea ageratifolia, alpina, chrysocoma, clavennae, clypeolata, collina, macrophylla, millefolium & subsp. sudetica, nana, nobilis, ptarmica, ptarmicifolia, salicifolia, seidlii, taygetea, tomentosa.

Rarely Artemisia campestris.


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