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Muscaphis escherichi

Muscaphis escherichi (Börner, 1939)

on Sorbus


Apterae (fundatrices, 3-4 mm) are plump-bodied, matt dark brown to purplish black with rather shiny black siphunculi. They are found in spring in curled leaflets, usually with one fundatrix and her progeny in each leaflet. The second generation are all alate, and leave the gall with unknown destination, probably mosses.

host plants

Rosaceae, monofaag

Sorbus aucuparia.


Aspidaphidium escherichi; Muscaphis drepanosiphoides (MacGillivray & Bradley, 1961).


According to Blackman & Eastop the subspecies M. escherichi irae Shaposhnikov, 1963 has no status. However, Wojciechowski ao mention it as living on Dasiphora fruticosa and Rosa canina.


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