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Myzus cerasi

Myzus cerasi (Fabricius, 1775)

black-cherry blackfly

on Prunus, primary host plant

Myzus cerasi: gall on Prunus avium

Prunus avium, Hungary, Budapest, 12.v.2017 © László Érsek: galled leaf

Myzus cerasi: colony on Prunus avium

colony in unfolded gall

Myzus cerasi: colony


Myzus cerasi: ant visit

ant visit

Myzus cerasi: aptera

aptera (siphunculi folded together)

Myzus cerasi: aptera

aptera, lateral

Myzus cerasi: aptera

aptera, dorsal

Myzus cerasi on Prunus avium

Prunus avium, England, East Sussex, Beckley Wood © Bob Dransfield & Bob Brightwell, InfluentialPoints

Myzus cerasi gall

Prunus avium, Dronten; leaf nest at the end of a shoot © Arnold Grosscurt

Myzus cerasi on Prunus sp.

Prunus sp., Enter © Arnold Grosscurt


Apterae 2-3 mm, colonies in dense bunches of curled leaves at the tip of the branches. Often attended by ants.

host plants

Rosaceae, monophagous

Prunus avium, cerasus, domestica, padus, persica, serrulata, spinosa, subhirtella.


The impact of the aphids varies with the hot plant. In P. cerasus and serrulata there is hardly any galling, while deformations are very strong in P. avium.

mainly on Rubiaceae, Plantaginaceae, Orobanchaceae, secondary host plants

secondary host plants

Rubiaceae, Plantaginaceae, Orobanchaceae etc., polyphagous

Asperula; Euphrasia stricta; Galium aparine, lucidum, mollugo, odoratum, pseudoaristatum, verum; Rhinanthus; Veronica beccabunga, montana.


Myzus cerasi pruniavium; Myzus pruniavium Börner, 1926; Aphis cerasi: Houard, 1908?. Also Myzus alecterolophi Heinze, 1961, described from Rhinanthus alectorolophus, probably is conspecific with cerasi.


DNA-studies have shown that the population that live on Prunus avium as their primary host may be distinguished as a separate subspecies: Myzus cerasi pruniavium.


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