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Myzus langei

Myzus langei (Börner, 1933)

on Asperula, Galium

Myzus langei: gall on Galium mollugo

Galium mollugo, Belgium, prov. Namur, Philippeville, Sart-en-Fagne, RN Al Florée © Stéphane Claerebout

Myzus langei: larval alate

larval alate


aphids, high in the plant, cause a strong shortening of the upper internodes. Apterae, 1.5-2 mm, are dull yellowish to pale green, anteriorly with rosy red (immatures are bright rosy red); siphunculi pale, ≥ 2 x cauda. The colonies are visited by ants.

host plants

Rubiaceae, oligophagous

Asperula cynanchica; Galium lucidum, mollugo, verum.


Galiobium langei.


Wojciechowski ao report an observation on Prunus avium; if this identification were correct it could be an indication of host alternation in this species.


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