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Rhopalosiphoninus latysiphon

Rhopalosiphoninus latysiphon (Davidson, 1912)

bulb‑and‑potato aphid



Apterae 1-3 mm, shiny dark olive green with very striking swollen shiny black siphunculi. On bulbs and on roots of many plants, especially in clay soils, or on etiolated stems or runners growing in darkness under stones or rubble. Often found hibernating in potato storage. Also found at roots in natural caves.

host plants

Anisantha sterilis; Apium graveolens; Argentina anserina; Beta vulgaris; Cardamine hirsuta; Clematis; Convolvulus arvensis; Crocus; Cucurbita pepo; Daucus carota; Gladiolus; Morella faya; Potentilla; Solanum melongena, tuberosum; Tulipa, Urtica; Vinca major; Viola tricolor.


The species has been introduced with potatoes from North America to Europe during the First World War (Börner & Franz).


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