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Uroleucon nigrocampanulae

Uroleucon nigrocampanulae (Theobald, 1928)

on Campanula


Apterae 3-4 mmm, dark brown with black antennae, siphunculi and cauda, and bicoloured yellowish brown/black legs. On the leaves, causing them to become curled in spring, and later spotted with yellow.

host plants

Campanulaceae, ± monophagous

Campanula glomerata, latifolia, medium, patula, persicifolia, rapunculoides, rapunculus, rhomboidalis, sibirica, stevenii, trachelium.

With some reservation about the identification of the aphid, Franquinho Aguiar ao report this species from Musschia isambertoi, an endemic of the Madeira archipelago.


Dactynotus trachelii Börner, 1939.


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