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Euceraphis betulae

Euceraphis betulae (Koch, 1855)

silver birch aphid

on Betula

Euceraphis betulae: apterae on Betula pendula

Betula pendula, Biddinghuizen, Spijk- en Bremerbergbos © Hans Jonkman

Euceraphis betulae: alata

The alatae are densely covered by wax

Euceraphis betulae: aptera


Euceraphis betulae: alate

the full-grown viviparae are winged


The full-grown apterae are relatively large (3-4 mm), winged, greenish with a variable amount of black; they are dusted with bluish-white wax. The siphunculus is short with a black tip. Mainly at the undersides of the leaves. No host alternation.

host plants

Betulaceae, narrowly monophagous

Betula pendula.

On B. pubescens lives the related Euceraphis punctipennis
In Slovenia also found on B. cf. nigra and platyphylla (Wojciechowski ao, 2016a)


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