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Appendiseta robiniae

Appendiseta robiniae (Gillette, 1907)

locust tree aphid

on Robinia

Appendiseta robiniae: larva on Robinia pseudoacacia

Robinia pseudoacacia, UK © Bob Dransfield & Bob Brightwell, InfluentialPoints: larva, already with wing-pads, a so-called alatiform

Appendiseta robiniae: alata on Robinia pseudoacacia


Appendiseta robiniae: colony on Robinia pseudoacacia

Robinia pseudoacacia, Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár, 21.v.2018 © László Érsek

Appendiseta robiniae: colony on Robinia pseudoacacia


Appendiseta robiniae: larvae


Appendiseta robiniae: larva


Appendiseta robiniae: larva

another specimen

Appendiseta robiniae: larva



Adults invariably alate; the are ± 2 mm, pale yellowish green with four indistinct length lines. They differ from Aphis craccivora on the same host plant in the shape of the cauda: finger-shaped in craccivora, knobbed in robiniae. At the underside of the leaves, no host alternation.

host plants

Fabaceae, monophagous

Robinia neomexicana, pseudoacacia.

Rarely Styphnolobium japonicum (= Sophora japonica).


Originally, like its host plant, native to North America, currently widespread in Europe.


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