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Myzocallis komareki

Myzocallis komareki (Pašek, 1963)

on ? Castanea, Quercus


Adult viviparae alate, 1-2 mm, yellow, with head and thorax variably marked with black (typically there are fine, black lines on the prothorax, roughly in the shape of a pair of rectangles), and dorsal abdomen with a series of large, paired quadrate spinal sclerites, which have dark margins and paler central areas, and similar-sized but paler and more uniformly-pigmented marginal sclerites. On the undersides of the leaves.

host plants

Fagaceae, ? monophagous

Quercus “aegilops”, cerris, coccifera, ilex, ithaburensis, petraea, pyrenaica, rotundifolia, suber.

Only Nieto Nafría & Mier Durante also mention Castanea sativa.


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