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Tinocallis takachihoensis

Tinocallis takachihoensis Higuchi, 1972

Japanese elm aphid

on Ulmus, Zelkova

Tinocallis takachihoensis on Ulmus

Ulmus, UK © Bob Dransfield & Bob Brightwell, InfluentialPoints


Only alatae, with characteristic wing pattern. Head and thorax black, antennae pale yellow with dark apices of segments, fore and middle legs pale yellow, hind legs pale yellow with black distal part of femora and proximal part of tibiae. Abdomen yellow. High tubercles on thorax en abdomen.


Ulmaceae, oligophagous

Ulmus america, “campestris”, glabra, x hollandica, minor subsp. canescens; Zelkova glabra.


Originating from East Asia, now in most European countries.


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