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Caricosipha paniculatae

Caricosipha paniculatae Börner, 1939

stalk-eyed sedge aphid

on Carex etc.

Caricosipha paniculatae: aptera on Carex paniculata

Carex paniculata, Belgium, prov. Hainaut, Chimay, RN de Boutonville © Stéphane Claerebout

Caricosipha paniculatae

Note the “stalked” eyes (from Wieczorek. 2010a)


Apterae ± 2 mm, pear-shaped, black with pale brownish-yellow legs and antennae. They live in dense colonies on the upper side of the leaves; upon disturbance they run about quickly.Not attended by ants,


Cyperaceae (Juncaceae), oligophagous

Carex acuta, atrata, brevicollis, brizoides, colchica, cuprina, distans, disticha, divulsa, elongata, flava, hirta, leporina, muricata, pachystylis, paniculata, remota, riparia, rostrata, sempervirens, spicata, straminea, vulpina; Bolboschoenus maritimus; Juncus effusus.

According to Heie C. paniculata is the main host plant.


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