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Chaetosiphella stipae

Chaetosiphella stipae Hille Ris Lambers, 1947

on Poaceae

Chaetosiphella stipae (from Wieczorek, 2008)

upperside (left) and underside (from Wieczorek, 2008a)


Apterae 1-2 mm, long-oval, shining black with small white dots (bases of hairs). They live at the upperside of the leaf in the leaf axil, and on the stem at the outside of the leaf sheath; species of dry landscapes. Attended by ants.

host plants

Poaceae, narrowly oligophagous

Achnatherum sibiricum, splendens; Ammophila arenaria Avena; Celtica gigantea; Stipa capillata, dasyphylla, eriocaulis, pennata, sareptana; Trisetum flavescens.


Chaitosiphella tshernavini stipae.


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