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Eriosoma lanuginosum

Eriosoma lanuginosum (Hartig, 1839)

elm balloon-gall aphid

on Ulmus, primary host plant

Eriosoma lanuginosum: gall on Ulmus glabra

Ulmus glabra, Delft, © Ben van As

Eriosoma lanuginosum gall

Ulmus minor, France, Normandie, Calvados, le Bessin © Martine Huyghebaert – Devondel

Eriosoma lanuginosum: gall on Ulmus sp.

Ulmus sp., Loenen (Ge), 5.vii.2013 © Arnold Grosscurt

Eriosoma lanuginosum: gall on Ulmus spec.

Ulmus spec., Belgium, prov. Limbourg, Maasmechelen, Maasbocht Geneuth, 4.vii.2029 © Carina Van Steenwinkel: splitted open gall

Eriosoma lanuginosum: old gall on Ulmus spec.

Ulmus spec., Belgium, prov. Limbourg, Meldert, Schurfert, 16.viii.2016 © Carina Van Steenwinkel: old gall

Eriosoma lanuginosum: old gall on Ulmus spec.

another image


In late summer the galls turn brown and split open, releasing the winged aphids within. The gall does not drop, because also the twig bearing the galled leaf has been incorporated in the gall. The dried gall remains on the tree untill after the winter.

host plants

Ulmaceae, monophagous

Ulmus minor & subsp. canescens.

Much less often on U. glabra.

on Rosaceae, secondary host plants


aphids on the thin roots.

host plants

Rosaceae, oligophagous

Crataegus “oxyacantha”; Cydonia oblonga; Pyrus communis.


Schizoneura lanuginosa.


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