Thecabius affinis (Kaltenbach, 1843)

poplar – buttercup gall-aphid

on Populus, primary host plant

Thecabius affinis: galls on Populus nigra

Populus nigra, Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár, © László Érsek

Thecabius affinis: gall on Populus nigra

galled leaf

Thecabius affinis: gall on Populus nigra

another example

Thecabius affinis: opened gall

gall folded open

Thecabius affinis: aphids

apterae and one alate

Thecabius affinis: aphids

another image

Thecabius affinis: gall on Populus nigra

Populus nigra, Denmark © Simon Haarder

Thecabius affinis: galls on Populus nigra

three plucked galls


the fundatrix lives in a gall of her own: a downwards flap op the leaf margin, barely a cm in size. The gall of her direct offspring is a leaf of which the halves are folded downwards over the midrib, while the outside is covered with yellowish-reddish blisters.

host plants

Salicaceae, monophagous

Populus balsamifera, x berolinensis, canadensis, carolinensis, deltoides, grandidentata, x jackii, nigra, tomentosa, tremula, trichocarpa.


old and vacated galls may be taken over by Chaitophorus leucomelas.

on Ranunculus secondary host plant

Thecabius affinis: aphid on Ranunculus sp.

Ranunculus sp., Engeland © Bob Dransfield & Bob Brightwell, Influential Points


2-3 mm large, dirty yellowish green or yellowish-white aphids hidden by a shining white cover of wax-wool at the base of stems and on runners. They are unusual by missing siphunculi.

host plants

Ranunculaceae, oligophagous

Caltha palustris; Ranunculus acris, arvensis, bulbosus, cortusifolius, flammula, muricatus, repens, sardous, sceleratus.


Pemphigus affinis; Pemphigus ranunculi (Kaltenbach, 1843).


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