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Cinara nuda

Cinara nuda Mordvilko, 1894

on Pinus


Apterae 3-4 mmm, bronze, very shiny, almost without wax dusting. Dorsal hairs short, erect, strong. In large colonies on 2-8 years old parts of the stem and basal branches; in spring in younger shoots. Always visited by ants.

The immature are already active shortly after the winter, even before the young shoots appear. In this period they are densely wax-powdered and feed on the needles, sitting in rows. After the young shoots are available they leave the needles, never to return (Weis).

host plants

Pinaceae, narrowly monophagous

Pinus mugo, nigra, sylvestris, unicinata.

Mainly on P. sylvestris (Weis)


Cinaria nuda; Cinara, Cinaria, escherichi (Börner, 1950).


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