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Trama caudata

Trama caudata (del Guercio, 1909)

on Asteraceae, Cichoreae

Neotrama caudata

picture derived from Encyclopédie des pucerons.


The aphids live without host alteration permanently at the roots. They are parthenogenetic. Attended by ants

host plants

Astraceae, narrowly oligophagous

Cichorium endivia, intybus; Crepis, Hypochaeris; Lactuca sativa; Leontodon; Picris; Sonchus; Taraxacum officinale; Tragopogon.

Mainly known from the tap-roots of Cichorium and Lactuca.


Neotrama caudata.
Possibly also Trama mordwilkoi Börner, 1940 (often “mordvilkoi”) is a synonym. The species is listed by Wojciechowski ao, but disregarded by Blackman & Eastop.


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