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Asterodiaspis variolosa

Asterodiaspis variolosa (Ratzeburg, 1870)

golden oak scale

on Quercus

Asterodiaspis variolosa: scales on Quercus kelloggii

Quercus kelloggii, USA, California, Ross © United States National Collection of Scale Insects Photographs Archive, USDA Agricultural Research Service,


Scales on the branches. Around each individual scale a low ride develops; heavily infested branches become knobby and malformed; also bark cracks may develop. Mainly found at the tip of the branches.


Fagaceae, monophagous

Quercus coccifera, ilex, lusitanica, palustris, petraea, pubescens, robur, rubra.


Asterolecanium variolosum.


only a microscopical examination allows separation from A. minor and A. quercicola; all three species may occur on the same tree.


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