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Palaeolecanium bituberculatum

Palaeolecanium bituberculatum (Signoret, 1873)

bituberculate scale

mainly on woody Rosaceae

Parthenolecanium bituberculatum

from Gomez-Menor Ortega (1960a)


Female with eggs reddish brown oval, usually moderately convex with mid-dorsal carina and with sloping margins, with two pairs of knoblike tubercles, anterior tubercles much larger and more prominent than the posterior ones; up to 8 mm long, 6 mm wide and 2.5 mm high. Freshly moulted female brown with white mottling, sometimes forming transverse stripes.

hos tplants


Corylus avellana; Crataegus crus-galli, laevigata,monogyna, rhipidophyla; Prunus.

Rarely also Betula pendula; Malus domestica, floribunda; Populus tremula.


Lecanium bituberculatum Targioni Tozzetti, 1858, nomen nudum; Eulecanium, Lecanium, bituberculatum.


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