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Parthenolecanium fletcheri

Parthenolecanium fletcheri (Cockerell, 1893)

Fletcher scale, arborvitae soft scale

on Cupressaceae, Taxaceae

Parthenolecanium fletcheri: female on Taxus baccata

Taxus baccata © Lorraine Graney, Bartlett Tree Experts,; female scale

Parthenolecanium fletcheri: female on Taxus baccata

egg mass under the female


Post-reproductive females oval, somewhat extended at both extremities, strongly convex, almost hemispherical, yellowish-brown to dark brown; up to 3.5 mm long and
3 mm wide. Young female scales sometimes with a conspicuous pale length stripe.

host plants

Cupressaceae, Taxaceae, narrowly polyphagous

Cupressus; Juniperus; Platycladus orientalis; Taxus baccata; Thuja occidentalis; Tsuga canadensis.

Mainly on Taxus and Thuja.


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