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Matsucoccus pini

Matsucoccus pini (Green, 1925)

european pine bast scale

on Pinus


Female light brown, ± 3 mm, elongated, sac-like, living in bark fissures. The number of generations differs regionally. Hibernation as first instar larvae.


Pinaceae, narrowly monophagous

Pinus mugo, nigra, sylvestris, uncinata.


According to (PESI, 2018) M. pini is conspecific with M. matsumurae (Kuwana, 1905), the latest name being the valid one. Foldi believes two separate species are involved, M. pini in Europe, M. matsumurae in North America, Japan, China and Russia.


The status of Matsucoccus mugo Siewniak, 1970, living on Pinus mugo, is niet clear.


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Last modified 29.ix.2020