Plant Parasites of Europe

leafminers, galls and fungi

Puto barberi

Puto barberi (Cockerell, 1895)

Barber giant mealybug


On the branches.

Puro barberi

female with young larvae (from Villegas ao)

host plants


Cascabela thevetia; Schinus terebinthifolia.

In the tropics, potentially also in southern Europe: Bougainvillea; Citrus; Coccoloba; Codiaeum; Coffea arabica; Daucus; Dianthus; Fragaria; Hibiscus; Lantana; Lonicera; Pelargonium; Physalis; Plectranthus; Schefflera; Tamarix.

distribution within Europe

Neotropical species, recently found in the Canary Islands.


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