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Adelges tardus

Adelges tardus (Dreyfus, 1888)

on Picea

Adelges tardus: galls on Picea abies

Picea abies, Duitsland, Germany, Triberg, 850 m, 23.vii.2018 © Cor Zonneveld

Adelges tardus: gall on Picea abies

a single gall

Adelges tardus: gall on Picea abies

another specimen

Adelges tardus: alatae on Picea abies

Picea abies, France, dép. Corrèze, Peyrelevade, 793 m, © Catherine Reymonet: alatae


ananas gall, strongly resembling the gall of A. laricis, but the gall ripens much later, in August-October. Contrary to laricis the galls occur in groups, mixed with galls from preceding years. The alatae are blackish, with much wool.

host plants

Pinaceae, monophagous

Picea abies, glauca, pungens, sitchensis.

Contrary to A. laricis there is no host alternation.


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