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Dreyfusia nordmannianae

Dreyfusia nordmannianae (Eckstein, 1890)

on Picea, primary host plant

Dreyfusia nordmannianae gall

Picea orientalis, Putten, arboretum Schovenhorst


Galls are 2-15 mm long, terminal, globular, pinkish and resembling strawberries when young, later becoming greenish with red or purple coloration at bases and tips of scales.  They mostly open in June.

host plants

Pinaceae, narrowly monophagous

Picea orientalis.

on Abies, secondary host plant


Mainly on Abies alba the aphids cause much damage. The needles curl inwards; the dead of branches, followed by regrowth leads to bushy-looking treed; young trees may be killed. Aphids on the branches, rarely on the needles. They resemble those of Aphrastasia pectinatae, but the wax thread are much thinner and curly. They are not attended by ants.

host plants

Pinaceae, monophagous

Abies alba, balsamea, cephalonica, cilicia, concolor, firma, grandis, homolepis, nordmanniana, procera, sibirica, veitchii.


Adelges nordmannianae, ; Adelges nusslini (Bórner, 1908).


Aphidoletes abietis.


Originally native in the Caucasus, where the species alternates between Picea orientalis and Abies nordmanniana. Since the 19th century the latter species is widely planted in Europe, where the aphid moved to Abies alba. Because Picea orientalis does not naturally occur in Europe, no host alternation takes place here.


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