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Pineus orientalis

Pineus orientalis (Dreyfus, 1889)

on Picea, primary host plant

Pineus orientalis: galls on Picea orientalis

Picea orientalis, two galls (from Covassi & Binazzi, 1981a)


The terminal gall resembles a slender ananas gall, but the structure is much less compact because the needles are broadened and swollen at the base, but not fused. The needles point in all directions.

host plants

Pinaceae, moophagous

Picea jezoensis, orientalis, pungens, torano.

Not on P. abies!

on Pinus, secondary host plant


Aphids on the previous year’s needles.

host plants

Pinaceae, monophagous

Pinus mugo, strobus, sylvestris.


Adelges orientalis.


Originally a species of the Caucasus and adjacent regions.


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