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Viteus vitifoliae

Viteus vitifoliae (Fitch, 1855)

on Ampelopsis, Vitis

Viteus vitifoliae galls

Vitis vinifera, Spain, Basque Country, x.2018 © Sébastien Carbonelle

Viteus vitifoliae: galls on Vitis vinifera

Vitis vinifera, Hungary, Balatonfüred, 19.vii.2015 © László Érsek

Viteus vitifoliae galls on Vitis vinifera


Viteus vitifoliae: female with eggs

opened gall, with female and eggs

Viteus vitifoliae: gall openings

upperside of the leaf, with gall openings

Viteus vitifoliae: gall opening


Viteus vitifoliae: gall on Vitis vinifera, upperside

Vitis vinifera, France, dépt. Lot, Faycelles, vii.2015 © Sébastien Carbonnelle: upper side

Viteus vitifoliae: gall on Vitis vinifera, underside


Viteus vitifoliae: heavy infestation on Vitis vinifera

Vitis vinifera: France, dépt. Ardèche, Soyons, lieu-dit “Tour penchée”, 20.viii.2015 © Stéphane Claerbout: density at which crop loss will happen

Viteus vitifoliae: galls on Vitis vinifera


Viteus vitifoliae: galls in Vitis vinifera leaf

Vitis vinifera, Peru, 2014 © Chris Snyers

Viteus vitifoliae: galls in Vitis vinifera leaf

strongly galled leaf


underside of the leaves with 3-7 mm larve pouch galls, open to the outside by a small opening in the upperside. The galls are strongly hairy, often red; inside a number of yellow aphids. Later in the season the aphids cause malignant growth on the roots.

host plants

Vitaceae, oligophagous

Ampelopsis cordata; Vitis acerifolia, aestivalis, amurensis, berlandieri, labrusca, linsecomii, monticola, rupestris, vinifera, vulpina.


Daktulosphaira vitifoliae; Phylloxera vastatrix (Planchon, 1868); Viteus vitifoliae vulpinae Börner, 1952. The Aphid Species File (2014) convincingly argues that Daktulosphaira vitifoliae is the correct name, contrary to the Fauna Europaea.


Introduced in the 19th century from North America into Europe, nearly causing the collapse of the French wine industry.


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