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Aphalara exilis

Aphalara exilis (Weber & Mohr, 1804)

on Rumex

Aphalara exilis:5th instar larva

5th instar larva (from Ossiannilsson, 1992a)


Oviposition on the older leaves, near the veins. Leaves often intensely reddened, disfigured, bumpy; the flat larvae at the base of the shoots and petioles, enveloped in flocculent wax wool; they are brownish-yellow with a reddish tinge. Univoltine; the adults hibernate in conifers or in leaf litter.


Polygonaceae, narrowly monophagous

Rumex acetosa, obtusifolius, scutatus.

References to R. acetosella refer to Aphalara ulicis.


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