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Craspedolepta flavipennis

Craspedolepta flavipennis (Förster, 1848)

on Leontodon, Scorzoneroides


the leaf disc with small depressions at the underside, and corresponding tiny bulges at the upperside. In each cavity one flat larva, encircled by a nimbus of wax threads. Univoltine; hibernation as larva on the host plant.


Asteraceae, ? monophagous

Leontodon hispidus & subsp. hastilis; Scorzoneroides autumnalis.

Buhr mentions Chrysanthemum, Crepis, Hieracium, and Hypochaeris; although Burckhardt does not exclude an occurrence on other Asteraceae, the status of these host plants needs reconsideration.


Magnaphalara flavipennis.


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