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Craspedolepta sonchi

Craspedolepta sonchi (Foerster, 1848)

on Leontodon, Scorzoneroides


Imago light green, thorax with yellow markings, antennae dirty yellow. Adults mainly in the inflorescence. Oviposition at the inside of the involucrum of the flower heads. The young larvae in the flower heads, older ones descend to the root collar.


Asteraceae, (narrowly ?) oligophagous

Leontodon hispidus; Scorzoneroides autumnalis.

In the literature also mentioned from the following species; however, no confirmation was found by Lauterer & Burckhardt: Crepis paludosa; Hieracium; Hypochaeris radicata; Jacobaea aquatica; Leucanthemum vulgare; Sonchus asper, oleraceus.


Univoltine; hibernation as larva at the roots of the host plant.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Described by Ossiannilsson.


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