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Calophya rhois

Calophya rhois (Löw, 1877)

on Cotinus

Calophya rhois: gall on Cotinus coggygria

Cotinus coggygria, Hungary, Budapest, arboretum, 24.iv.2017 © László Érsek

Calophya rhois: gall on Cotinus coggygria

galled leaf, underside

Calophya rhois: gall on Cotinus coggygria

some larvae

Calophya rhois: larva


Calophya rhois: teneral imago

18.v.2016; teneral imago

Calophya rhois: colony; colony

Calophya rhois: imago

imago, dorsal,

Calophya rhois: imago


Calophya rhois: imago


Cotinus coggygria galls

Cotinus coggygria, France, Isère, Rhône-Alpes, Theys © Arnold Grosscurt


The larve, on leaves and branches, produce large quantities of honeydew in the form of tiny drops. Bivoltine; hibernation as adult on conifers.


Anacardiaceae, oligophagous

Cotinus coggygria; Rhus coriaria.

Hellrigl adds Vitis vinifera; this seems erroneous.


Psylla rhois.


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