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Calophya schini

Calophya schini Tuthill, 1959

Hemiptera, Calophyidae

on Schinus

Calophya terebinthifolii: galls on Schinus terebinthifolius

Calophya terebinthifolii on Schinus terebinthifolius, Peru, Canta © Chris Snyers

Calophya terebinthifolii: galls on Schinus terebinthifolius



pale, conspicuous pustules in the leaves, each with deep pit containing a dorsoventrally flattened, almost circular larva.


Anacardiaceae, monophagous

Schinus molle.


Native, like the host plant, in Boliva and Peru. Schinus molle is used all over the Mediterranean region as an ornamental, and the first record of the parasite in Europe was in Portugal, in 2000.

The galls of Calophya terebinthifolii Burckhardt & Basset 2000 can only be distinguished from those of C. schini on the base of the hostplant, Schinus terebinthifolius. Schinus terebinthifolius is a native to the tropical and subtropical regions of South America, but is introduced and invasive in most regions with a comparable climate. It is not known whether the galler occurs outside of the Neotropic.


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