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Macrohomotoma gladiata

Macrohomotoma gladiata Kuwayama 1908

on Ficus

Macrohomotoma gladiata on Ficus microcapra

infested shoot (1) en larven op een blad (2)(from Bella & Rapisarda, 2011a).

Macrohomotoma gladiata eggs

a group of eggs (from Pedata, Burckhardt & Mancini)

Macrohomotoma gladiata larvae



Eggs (pale yellow) in clusters of 10-20 in leaves of young shoots, that become covered with with white masses of flaky wax and ultimately become deformed and die off.


Moraceae, narrowly monophagous

Ficus microcarpa.

distribution within Europe

Spain, Italy.


In parks an important pest in ornamental trees.


Bella & Rapisarda (2011a), Pedata, Burckhardt & Mancini (2012a), Rung (2016a).

Last modified 24.iv.2018