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Arytaina genistae

Arytaina genistae (Latreille, 1805)

on Fabaceae

Arytaina genistae: 5th instar larva

5th instar larva (from Ossiannilsson, 1992a)


Eggs in groups around the base of young, unopened buds or in the axils of young tender foliage. Bivoltine, hibernation as imago.

host plants

Fabaceae, Genisteae, narrowly oligophagous

Cytisus austriacus & subsp. heuffelii, praecox, scoparius; Genista tinctoria; ? Ulex europaeus.

According to Hodkinson & Hollis only Cytisus scoparius with certainty is a host plant.

distribution within Europe

(PESI, 2018).


Anthocoris sarothamni.


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