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Cacopsylla fulguralis

Cacopsylla fulguralis (Kuwayama, 1908)

on Elaeagnus

Cacopsylla fulguralis on Elaeagnus sp.

Elaeagnus sp., Belgium, prov. West Flanders, De Panne, RN Westhoek © Stéphane Claerebout

Cacopsylla fulguralis: larva on Elaeagnus sp.


Cacopsylla fulguralis on Elaeagnus sp.

feeding damage to the leaf

Cacopsylla fulguralis: egg on Elaeagnus x submacrophylla leaf underside

egg on the underside of a Elaeagnus x submacrophylla leaf (from Seljak, 2917a)


Larvae and adults mainly at the undersides of the leaves. The copious amount of honeydew they produce leads to sooty mould. Leaves get rolled in upwards.

host plants

Elaeagnaceae, monophagous

Elaeagnus commutata, difficilis, glabra, macrophylla, oldhamii, x submacrophylla


Probably several generations; hibernation as imago.


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