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Cacopsylla pulchella

Cacopsylla pulchella (Löw, 1877)

on Cercis

Cacopsylla pulchella: hibernated adult

hibernated adult, Hungary, Budapest © László Érsek

Cacopsylla pulchella: copula


Cacopsylla pulchella: eggs


Cacopsylla pulchella: young colony

Cercis siliquastrum leaf with young colony

Cacopsylla pulchella: young larvae

young larvae

Cacopsylla pulchella: older larvae

older larvae

Cacopsylla pulchella: fresh male

fresh male

Cacopsylla pulchella: fresh female

fresh female


hypophyllous larvae produce much honeydew. Older larvae are strikingly coloured, with largely black head, distal half of abdomen and wing pass. Leaves wither and become disfigured. Univoltine; hibernation as adults, mainly in conifers.


Fabaceae, monophagous

Cercis siliquastrum.


Psylla pulchella.


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