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Psylla alni

Psylla alni (Linnaeus, 1758)

on Alnus

Psylla alni: wax wool on Alnus incana

Alnus incana, Hungary, Kimle, 23.iv.2018 © László Érsek

Psylla alni: wax wool on Alnus incana

wax and honeydew

Psylla alni: wax wool and larva on Alnus incana

after the was has been partially removed

Psylla alni: mature larva

mature larva, after all wax has been removed

Psylla alni: mature larva

same larva, ventral

Psylla alni: 5th instar larva

5th instar larva (from Ossiannilsson, 1992a)


Larvae on young shoots in the leaf axils. They are hidden under a copious amount of shining-white wax-wool. Older larvae are marked with black. Univoltine; hibernation as egg.


Betulaceae monophagous

Alnus glutinosa, hirsuta, incana, japonica, viridis.


ovipostion inside a bud. This requires perforation of the bud scales, resulting in a small necrotic spot (Lauterer, 1976a).


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