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Bactericera parastriola

Bactericera parastriola Conci & Tamanini, 1988

on Salix


The number of Psylloidea living, mostly monophagously, on Salix is considerable. Probably the effect of the infestation will not differ much from one species to the other: small hypophyllous pits, each one housing a flattened larva, and, under more heavy infestation, curling, especially of the younger leaves.

On Salix two genera occur, belonging to dfferent families: Bactericera (Triozidae) and Cacopsylla (Psyllidae). In Triozidae larvae the wing rudiment anteriorly has a lobe that extends as far as the front of the head; in Psyllidae this lobe is missing.


Salicaceae, monophagous

Salix appendiculata, caprea, lapponum, myrsinifolia, phylicifolia, waldsteiniana.


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