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Trioza kiefferi

Trioza kiefferi Giard, 1902

on Rhamnus

Trioza kiefferi galls on Rhamnus alpina

Rhamnus alpina, Spanish Pyrenees, Huesca © Ben van As

Trioza kiefferi galls on Rhamnus alpina


Trioza kiefferi: galls on Rhamnus alaternus

Ramnus alaternus, France, dép Var, Toulon, Saint-Mandrien-sur-Mer © Stéphane Claerebout


Rhamnaceae, monophagous

Rhamnus alaternus, alpina, lycioides subsp. oleoides, pumila.


the identification if the pictures above is very unsatisfactory. Although the galling of R. alpina would suggest a mite gall, kiefferi is its only gall-causer mentioned in the literature (Cogolludo, Houard). The picture by Hoaurd of the gall of kiefferi on Rh. alaternus, reproduced below, probably shows an extreme example; on the internet circulate pictures, atrributed to kiefferi with much more conical galls. But is is not sure if the galls of Trioza marginepunctata always remain as low as illustrated by Houard.

Trioza kiefferi: galls on Rhamnus alaternus

Rhamnus alarnus, from Houard (1909)


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