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Trioza rotundata

Trioza rotundata Flor, 1861


Trioza rotundata: larva

larva (from Conci & Tamanini, 1987a)


larvae in shallow pits at underside of the leaves; at the other side a low dimple. Larvae flat, almost circular, surrounded by a circle of radiating wax threads. Young larvae are light ochreous in colour, older are darker, and then very hygrophilous. Univoltine, hibernation as imago in conifers.


Restricted polyphagous

Cardamine amara, hirsuta, impatiens, opizii, uliginosa; Nasturtium officinale; Saxifraga aizoides; Stellaria nemorum.

Conci & Tamanini (1987a) suppose that under normal circumstances Cardamine species are the actual host plants.


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