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Blastophaga psenes

Blastophaga psenes (Linnaeus, 1758)

on Ficus

Blastophaga psenes: female wasps on Ficus carica

Ficus carica, France, dép. Lot, Faycelle © Sébastien Carbonnelle: two newly emerged females on a a fig.

Blastophaga psenes: male and female wasps inside a fig

a female, and numerous flightless males in a fig.


A fertilised female, loaded with pollen, penetrates an unripe fig via a narrow opening at the top. She oviposits in the female florets within the fig, that develop into a small, globular shining gall; crawling around within the fig she fertilizes many more florets than are galled. From the galls emerge females and apterous males that, after having fertilised a female remain in the fig. The young females leave the fig covered by pollen.

host plants

Moraceae, narrowly monophagous

Ficus carica.


Blastophaga grossorum Gravenhorst, 1827.


Philotrypesis caricae; Schistonchus caprifici


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