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Josephiella microcarpae

Josephiella microcarpae Beardsley & Rasplus, 2001

on Ficus

Ficus spec. [microcarpa?], Morocco, Casablanca, 26.x.2020 © Jean-Philippe Joseph-Edouard

Josephiella microcarpae: galls on Ficus spec.

same leaf, underside

Josephiella microcarpae galls

galls, strongly lighted from behind; each gall seems to harbour several gall chambers


irregular, hairless swelling of the leaf, about equally protruding at both faces, ± a cm in diameter, often several together. Bivoltine, pupation in the gall; the imago leaves the gall through an under surface opening. Probably fully parthenogenetic.

host plants

Moraceae, narrowly monophagous

Ficus microcarpa.


Beardsley & Rasplus (2001a), Mifsud, Falzon, Malumphy ao (2012a).

Last modified 9.vii.2020