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Aprostocetus eriophyes

Aprostocetus eriophyes (Taylor, 1909)

Hymenoptera, Eulophidae

Aprostocetus eriophyes: larvae in gall of Phytoptus avellanae

Corylus avellana, Denmark © Simon Haarder; gal van Phytoptus avellanae; larva

Aprostocetus eriophyes: pupa in gall of Phytoptus avellanae


Cecidophyopsis psillaspis: gall on Taxus baccata

Taxus baccata, België © Stéphane Claerebout: gall of Cecidophyopsis psillaspis

Aprostocetus cf eriophyes in gall of Cecidophyopsis psillaspis

freshly emerged wasp in the opened gall


The larva of Aprostocetus eriophyes lives in the galls of Cecidophyopsis ribis and Phytoptus avellanae as a predator on the mites.


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