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Ophelimus maskelli

Ophelimus maskelli (Ashmead, 1900)

eucalyptus gall wasp

on Eucalyptus

Ophelimus maskelli on Eucalyptus gunnii

Eucalyptus gunnii, Melderslo (Noord-Limburg), 20.iv.2024 © Margot & Geert Vullings; see note below.

Ophelimus maskelli on Eucalyptus gunnii


Ophelimus maskelli: galls on Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Eucalyptus camaldulensis, France, dépt. Var, Le Pradet, lieu-dit “Lou Pigno” © Stéphane Claerbout

Ophelimus maskelli: galls on Eucalyptus camaldulensis


Ophelimus maskelli: galls on Eucalyptus camaldulensis


Ophelimus maskelli: gall on Eucalyptus gunnii

Eucalyptus gunnii, France, dép. Bouches du Rhône, La Ciotat © Hélène Dumas: young gall, horizontal section; oviposition by Anastatus bifasciatus (Geoffroy, 1785) (Eupelmidae; det. HD)


numerous, ± 1 mm large, pale green to reddish pustules, up to 100 on leaf. After the wasp has vacated the gall, a conspicuous opening remains in the top. Two or more generations.

host plants

Myrtaceae, monophagous

Eucalyptus camaldulensis, globulus, gunnii.

E. camaldulensis, that is planted mainly in recreational areas, is much more sensitive than E globulus, essentially a forest tree.


see Viggiani.


In the first publications about the occurrence of this species in Europe it was incorrectly identified as E. eucalypti (Gahan, 1922), and under that name it is listed in the Fauna Europaea (2014).


The source of the observation in Liburg was an over six m high tree in a garden, that was purchased as a sapling in a harden centre in 2020. All leaves except the ones of the current year were infected. Presumably this is the first observation of a galling by this wasp in the Netherlands.


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