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Tetramesa brevicollis

Tetramesa brevicollis (Walker, 1836)

on Festuca

Tetramesa brevicollis: gall on Festuca rubra

Festuca rubra; from Claridge (1961a).

Tetramesa brevicollis: gall on Festuca spec.

Festuca spec., Belgium, prov. Hainaut, Binche, Bray-dunes © Sébastien Carbonnelle


Well delimited short swelling of the lowest internode of the culm, containing a single gall chamber. The larva hibernates in the gall and pupates in the spring.


Poaceae, monophagous

Festuca glauca, heterophylla, ovina, polesica, rubra, stricta subsp. sulcata, valesiaca & subsp. parviflora.


Eupelmus messene.


Buhr mentions the species (as hieronymi) also from Festuca sciuroides. According to Euro+Med PlantBase (2017) this is a synonym of Vulpia bromoides. Because Tetramesa species tend to strict monophagy, the latter association is doubtful.


Harmolita, Isosoma, Tetramesa, hieronymi Walker, 1836.


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