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Tetramesa giraudi

Tetramesa giraudi (von Schlechtendal, 1891)

on Schedonorus

Tetramesa giraudi: emergence openings

Schedonorus giganteus, Apeldoorn, Beekbergerwoud, 2018 © Roelof Jan Koops; imago det, Sandrine Ulenberg

Tetramesa giraudi: opened galls

opened galls

Tetramesa giraudi: unusual gall

several galls were formed unusually, viz. outside of the culm. Yet both T. giraudi and the parasitoid E. palustris were reared from them, like from normal galls.


Above the 2nd or 3rd node there are several larval chambers in the culm, one above the other, each with one larva or pupa. The culm is locally sclerified, and its weak swelling is almost hidden by the surrounding leaf sheath.


Poaceae, monophagous

Schedonorus arundinaceus subsp. orientalis, giganteus, pratensis.


Harmolita, Isosoma, giraudi.


Eurytoma palustris.


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